Monday, January 9, 2012

K-Cup Drawer

If you love K-Cup coffee, you will need a K-Cup Drawer. K-Cups come in a ton of different flavors and if you’re an avid coffee drinker, you will need to take control of your cups or run the risk of being over taken by them.  This cup drawer makes it easier to know when you’re out of stock or when you have enough of a certain flavor. And for kitchens that do not have a lot of counter space, this drawer will keep your cups neat and in one place. This allows for you to easily make coffee without fumbling around for the exact flavor you want.

The drawer is black in color and stylish. It looks really nice when sitting on the counter. It  holds 36 cups but if you alternate the cups by storing some up and some down, you will be able to fit an extra cup in each row. If you want to store more K-Cups, you can buy another drawer and stake them on top of each other. Being able to store your cups in one place will allow you to save your counter space and allow smaller kitchens to be more functional. All cups can be organized in a single layer. You can also organize them by rows of flavor. The drawer is strong enough to store your sugar, coffee maker and other coffee accessories on top which makes it a true kitchen accessory.  The K-Cup Drawer is less cumbersome than the carousel holders. You simple pull the drawer out and look inside and push the drawer back in when done.

The drawer does need to be moved sided to side sometimes when pulling it out. However, this is normal for the majority of cup storage drawers.  This drawer does all that it is supposed to. If you need a drawer to hold your K-Cups and allow you to organize them, then the K-Cup Drawer is what you need.

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